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Bakura pictures

So here is some pictures of him.

He is so cute! ^o^ ( ST )
Hmmm... äh... öh... eh... beautiful japanese flag. Bakura-honey? What was I thinking? (VS )

Hot, hot!! Boiling hot. ( ST )
Bakura-honey is freaking out. So be careful. Heh... angel is geting red. Who is the EVIL now?(VS)

Bakura-honey has a mysterious past in the ancient Egypt and he and Yami-babe are very "close". So I`d say that they like when one of them is... 

Fetch the dictionary now! ( ST )

...Why always me?... So...where was I? Oh I know!...when one of them is shelding blood.( VS )

What is he thinkig? He looks so sad. u_u ( ST )
I think...I think... I need more geisha chocolate, he tastes like good geisha chocolate."u"(VS)

His body!! Guaahh!!! Hang in there Bakura! (ST)
Yeah! Just like that! This is the best day in my life!? No! Bakura, don`t die! I will save you.(VS)

He is really hot in this picture. @o@ ( ST )
We need priest here. Bakura and Sinitiaine are getting married. Waah! Somethin hit me!#+#(VS)

                                                           * BLUSH*(ST)

I dunno what to say... *w* ( ST )
Move, move your hips. Yeh! Dance with the Millennium Ring?! XoX (VS)

*Blush* Cute... Cute...CUTE!!! (ST)
Hmmmm...... Picture of ... OLD Bakura(Akefia). I mean he has gray hair. Like OLD men have.(VS)

More Bakura pictures




About Bakura


Name: Bakura ( Yami no Bakura )
Real name: Akefia
Age: about 3000 years
Height: 179cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: AB
Sign: Virgo Uuu! Sex bomb?!? ¤_¤( but Sasuke has more THAT, you know) (VS) You pervert. He is a virgo!! ( ST )
Millennium item: Millennium Ring
Hikari: Ryou Bakura

Uhh... He likes raw meat, I guess... ~o~ ( ST )
I think he is hungry... like me. Yeh... where are the kitchen and the fridge?(VS)

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