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About Yugi




Name: Yugi Mutou
Age: 16
Height: 153cm Tiny baby boy he is. "u" (VS) I think he is cute. ( ST )
Weight: 42kg
Blood type: AB
Sign: Gemini
Millennium item: Millennium Puzzle
Yami: Yami ( Yami no Yugi )
Family: Sugoroku ( grandfather )
Yugi pictures

What´s that tiny man doing in the picture? ( ST )
Well... I think he is ittypitty brownie, who is going to kiss him?! Naah... I was only joking.(VS)

YUGI CUTIE!! ^¤^ ( ST )
He is going to army. Little Yugi has come a little man? ``O`` (VS)

Is that a Kuriboh or a fur ball? ( ST )
PIKEMON?!... uh... I mean POKEMON sit son... um I mean sits on his head. More english.(VS)

Kawai with the umbrella. A pink umbrella? ( ST )
She looks like a little girl. Ups... I mean HE looks like a little girl. #_# (VS)

Is he going to escape...Uhh... From what? ?_?(ST)
Yes... he is going to escape... from you ... hehee, I need a cookie! OoO(VS)

Uhh... No comment. -.- ( ST )
... And here we have pizza in fridge. It might be very good... oh, there is icecream too...(VS)

Yayy! Yugi-"boy" is cute in that picture! ( ST )
yayy? Boy? Man??? Food! More food!! Sasuke! More SASUKE!!!! ¤-¤(VS)

More Yugi pictures




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