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Hello! My name is Sinitiainen ( ST ). I`m the angel in these pages, so listen to me not that EVIL VivianSasuke. Are you ready to step to my realm ( and that stupid VivianSasuke`s realm, but you donīt have to care about her ). WHAT? Do I hear quiet cursing on the floor?

In these pages I shall tell you something about Bakura, Ryou, Yami, Yugi, Seto, Jounouchi( Joey ), Marik((u) the yami ) and Malik( the hikari )

I`m the EVIL? You got that wrong. I`m just normal( ? )girl, who likes SASUKE( Naruto ). Oh no, not that again. Sorry about interrupting you, EVIL VivianSasuke( ST ). I`m NOT EVIL!!!!! So, I`m going to tell you the real things of Bakura-honey, Ryou-darling, Yami-babe, Yugi-boy, Seto-...something, Jounouchi-doggie. But BEST IS SASUKE!( VS ) Oh man...( ST ).


Okay, here are the cuties. Arenīt they kawaii! ^o^( ST )

OOHHH.... My head. Where is a doctor "_"? This is what Sasuke would say in this situation:" Whatever, you baka( idiot in japanese )". But I think Bakura-honey and Yami-babe are cute, but not together.( VS ) 

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