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About Seto


Name: Seto Kaiba
Age: 17
Height: 186cm Wow. He is tall. He is taller than you, Sinitiainen. (VS)
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A Like auto. Uhh... a finnish word. Whahahaa?(VS) Huh what was that? Umm... auto means a car.( ST )
Sign: Scorpio
Family: Mokuba ( younger brother ), Noa ( adoptive brother ), Gozaburo ( adoptive father ) Where is HIS parents?(VS) They passed away like... somethig...I dunno.( ST )
Company: Kaiba Corp.

Seto pictures

Oh! He is so KA-WA-II!!! ( ST )
Yes! No? I agree. So he is so K-A-W-A-I-I!! ( VS)

Tiny B.E.W.D on his shoulder is so KAWAI! (ST)
Does Kaiba like animals? Could he give me some money, if I take care of his B.E.W.D? $o$ (VS)

Working on!!( ST )
Kaiba found my phone bill. Auts! He is angry. He has to pay it. Sorry $_(VS)

* Faints*........................X_x ( ST )
What happened ST? Help! HELP!! Doctor!! Cool model in there. Woow! Give us some smile! @u@ (VS)

* Still in a faint *......................XoX (ST)
DOCTOR!!! Someone help! Sasuke help! OH Sasuke you came.Do you want to go out with me "=" (VS)






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