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About Jounouchi


Name: Katsuay Jounouchi
Age: 16
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: B
Sign: Aquarius
Family: Dad, Shizuka ( sister ) Where is his mom? Did she die? I will cry and I will wear black clothes.U_U (VS)
Jounouchi pictures

Jou, in his dogcostume. Sweet! ^-^ ( ST )
Looks like he is going to throw up. Poor litle doggie. Vuh, vuh. #_# ( VS )

Ohh... Too K-A-W-A-I. I want him! -_- Ehheh...(ST)
You can`t get him. That little Joupumpkinbutt is mine! Now we will fight!! He is MINE! >o<(VS)

Hmm... Pretty boy in there.^w^ ( ST )
He is very handsome! *Blush* Quess what I`m thinking. Hehe! Grrrr! No! I can`t betray Sasuke.(VS)

Ohh... Two chibi hims. They are cute. ^o~ ( ST )
...SASUKE... this is my love song to you... I LOOOVE YOUUU. You are my only one, ooo.@w@(VS)

Again with the dog costume. Yeeee!! ( ST )
joeymakeinu2.jpg,I`can`t stop LOVING you, SASUKE babe. "+" (N-s)

So seriuos... Nyyyhhhhhhhhh!! ( ST )
S-A-S-U-K-E! The sun set is beautiful. (_)(VS)


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