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Yami pictures

Here is some pictures of Yami.

Ohh! His eyes. They are so pretty! Silly me..(ST)
Yeah! Silly you. I think he has contact lenses.(VS)

Yami angel? Is that possible?! O_O ( ST )
Once he was my colleague. You know like evil. Now he is your colleague. #..# (VS)

What is he holding? Q_dI| ( ST )
Something very important. So what is very important to men... condom... yeh! >n< (VS)

More Yami pictures




About Yami


Name: Yami ( Yami no Yugi )
Real name: Atem
Age: About 3000 year... so he is grumpy old man!?( VS )  KAPOWW!!!( Hits Neko-san on her head) Stupid friend!( ST )
Height: 169cm
Weight: 42kg
Blood type: AB
Sign: Gemini
Millennium item: Millennium Puzzle
Hikari: Yugi Mutou

Hmm... He likes the wind, ne? ^_^ ( ST )
Wind... Sasuke is like wind! I LOVE SASUKE!!! OUCH! Something hit me again! #+#(VS)


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