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About ST&VS


Name: Sinitiainen
Age: 14
Hair: ( Light ) brown
Eyes: Green
Location: Finland
Fav. manga: YU-GI-OH! ^_^( surprise,surprise...)
Fav. character: Bakura ( surprise,surprise...)
Fav. food: Spaghetti
Fav. drink: Water
Fav. music: Linkin Park, Rammstein and Nightwish.

Name: VivianSasuke (my new name)
Age: 14
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue- green
Location: Finland
Fav. manga: Naruto
Fav. character: SASUKE ( surprise, surprise...)
Fav. food: tortillas
Fav. drink: water
Fav. colour: black and lilac, red, pink, dark blue....
Fav. music: I like rock, gothic and heavy music, hmmm... I like many... Him, Rammstein, Nightwish( it`s history now, but whatever), Linkin park... and LOVEX ( guitarist looks exactly like SASUKE. LOVEX is finnish band. )
More: I have my works( pictures ) in deviantArt. Go and look for them, my loyal fans!!! * sweatdrop* Your loyal fans?! ( ST )

Name: KeBa
Age: 14
Hair: Deep brown
Eyes: something middle of grey and blue...
Location: Cold cold Finland
Fav. food: Chocolade bar
Fav. drink: Beer.. just joking, maybe Fanta..?
Fav. manga: ANGEL SANCTUARY!!! <3  <3
Fav. character: Mad Hatter (Beliah) from AS
Fav. music: H.I.M , 69 eyes, Apulanta
More: I have pictures in DeviantArt... Please go there and check them out!
She did the BOILING BLOOD thing up there  /\ (VS)


We do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or these pictures in these sites.